Mariela Robledo

Mariela emigrated from Nicaragua

In 2007 she founded Atlas Immunization Services Inc. A ground breaking feat considering she had become the first private travel health clinic in Edmonton.

Atlas Immunization Services has already provided over 24,000 travelers the expertise services; leading knowledge and care since they first open their doors in October 7, 2007 and after four years is now expanding by adding a third location in St. Albert.

Marielas’ priority is her community and clients.  She has organized and hosted many charitable events such as  Bowling for Breast Cancer, a Silent Auction for Haiti earthquake relief, Hajj Day and supported charities such as Gods littlest Angels, Movember, The Winifred Stewart Foundation, Compassion Canada-Nicaragua and The Abandoned Children of Nicaragua an organization that hits Mariela close to home.

She has participated in a mandatory Literacy Program in a remote area of Nicaragua and experiencing for the first time the feeling of deep accomplishment by successfully teaching an 85 years villager to learn how to read and write.  “I will be able to read just a little before I die” as the villager puts it.

Mariela is now a dedicated mentor with the Immigrant Entrepreneur Mentors Program, using her knowledge, expertise and experience to support other immigrants in their dream of advancing in their business and their future as a successful entrepreneur.