GALA 2010 Photo Gallery

Being the first Gala ever to recognize and award the Top 10 Latino Canadians, the anticipation was building up all evening. The nominations and the voting came from the public and at the Gala came the last votes.  As the committee counted the last votes of the event, the guests danced to the music of Salsabor and DJ Fuego. When it was time to announce the winners in each category, one by one the shout outs, clapping and standing ovations were part of each delivery.  The proud and very content award winners said their speeches and a few to shy to say anything just said modestly “Gracias.”
The entertainment was amazing, with Chilean, Colombian, Peruvian, Spanish Flamenco, and Argentinean representation in music and dance.  The spectacle was first class.  
Special guests were many heads of Latino organizations, local Latino businesses, city council and politicians.
It was a proud moment for the Latino Canadian Chamber of Commerce to sponsors and host the Gala.  Although we organize and promote the event, it is ultimately the participation of the whole community who brings it together and supports each other in our accomplishments